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modéle magazine london 

"In a society of fast fashion and an obsession with being 'on trend' Benjamin Fox offers a more introspective clothing experience. Launched over the weekend, the thoughtful and reflective birth of this brand continues into its creative process. Modéle talked to Ciara from Benjamin Fox all about creating sustainable dresses that have their own identity - giving customers a more sentimental view of their clothes.

This collection is like flowers bursting up out of the snow, her style is a fresh and hopeful welcome. A touch of early spring. Ciara embraces her newfound ideas of feminity with an all-pink collection, loose fitted and comfortable, it's designed for women to feel free..."

 wardrobe wellbeing working from home

"So here we are, exploring the face behind Benjamin Fox, getting to know what inspires and breaths energy into such a beautiful collection. The romanticism of the pieces I simply loved, but the ethos and warmth in personality stood out for miles."